The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce is an association of businesses, organizations, and individuals who are interested in joining and working together to improve the economic, civic and cultural well being of our area. Any business, organization, or individual is eligible to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The dues structure is designed to permit every individual and even the smallest business to be a member.

The Chamber/Visitor Center is the "front door" to Los Alamos. We welcome thousands of visitors and people seeking relocation information to our community every year! The Chamber receives an average of 65 phone calls per day, many seeking business referrals, and we refer inquiries to Chamber members.

The Chamber of Commerce works on behalf of its members to improve the business environment and our community. Chamber membership dues are tax deductible as a reasonable & necessary business expense.

Benefits of membership fall into three broad categories -- 1) advocacy, 2) visibility, and 3) services, Please read our fact sheets at our website for further information on all of the available benefits, or contact our member services director for a full discussion of how membership can benefit your business or organization

The Chamber invites everyone, whether a member currently or not, to use this tool to pursue funding for projects to improve the Los Alamos area.